Tuesday, August 31

I Am A Cliché of A Parody on an Imitation

Sometimes... just sometimes you find yourself doing exactly what is expected, what is trite and well-trodden and you find that you don't mind.

This photo was taken this morning, and I was so excited whilst taking it, real excited while post editing it and I'm excited to share it.

It's not original, but it's pretty.

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iPhotos: We Were Just Sitting On Stoop

Drinking lemonade, iced tea and eating Fudge.


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iPhone: That is A Big Ol'Chair

Everything is just bigger in America!

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iPhone: The Best Way To Get Over Losing Photos

The best way to get over losing those Sunrise photos you took that at six in the morning is to go out and take another set! But before doing that, you deserve a hearty breakfast, a hearty Guyanese breakfast! YUM!

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Monday, August 30

iPhone: The Lost Sunrise

I delight in being able to have a title as dramatic as this one. Sounds like the title of a Stephanie Meyer book doesn't it? The lost Twilight novel, and I use the word 'novel' with tongue firmly in cheek.

Anyway, this is the only photo I got from this morning and I didn't even take it. That is me in the photo, taking photos of the sunset, which then disappeared because they became corrupted on my memory card... hence 'The Lost Sunrise'. My story is as good as any Twilight book.

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Sunday, August 29

iPhone: From U.K to N.C OBX

Snatches from my trip to the America, North Carolina, Outer Banks. I took a few sunset photos, some long exposures, plan to take a few portraits and may turn my hand to HDR later. For now, here are my iPhone photos.

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Friday, August 27

Retro Treatment on A Self Portrait

I may return to this window just off Caledonian Road and hope that the car isn't there and wait for another bus to pass by. Maybe.

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Aresnal From A Roof

Aresnal from a roof on an overcast day. Experimentation with grain from ISO and Photoshop. I'm not over the grainy look yet, but I'm getting there.

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Tuesday, August 24

Meeting of Styles


Because the day you're without it will be the day you walk around a corner to see several graf artists putting up huge murals in the center of a new estate in Holloway.

The weekend just past was host to an event called Meeting Of Styles (here's a gallery from that event - not mine), and I was fortunate enough to stumble across it whilst looking for a park to park my weary bones and sodcast some tunes (Gomez). Sodcasting commenced but not in the park, and instead of attempting to break up clouds with the awesome power of my mind, I sat back and watched something fantastic come to life.

Now, the night before I was taking photos in a garden, and was using a ridiculously high ISO; a fact I had forgotten before whipping my camera out and lining up my shots. I feel I got away with it, but I really must remember to check ISO and White Balance more consistently.

That aside, I'm pleased with these photos. Please enjoy.

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iPhone: Steel and Glass

Sometimes it's worth taking a step towards buildings and just shooting their features. I've been doing this a lot of late and finding it very enjoyable. I've gone a bit overkill with the iPhone photography recently, but I'm still very much in love with this app. The DSLR will get a proper outing in America next week, for now, enjoy.

Shot with my Hipstamatic for iPhone

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Sunday, August 22

Daring Flyer Diptych

I went to the Edinburgh Fringe a couple of weekends ago and I took a lot of photos. Mainly I took photos of Edinburghs fantastic architecture or photos of people I met, and a lot of these were shot on my iPhone and not on the bridge camera I was using at the time. I did get a few photos from The Royal Mile that I'm pleased with. Here's a couple of them, my diptychs of the acts putting up theire posters on the Thursday before the festival began properly.

And here's a link to some more from the Edinburgh.

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Saturday, August 21

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