Thursday, July 28

Westferry, London

It's probably not too clever announcing to the world where you live, yet here I am again with another couple of photos of my neighbourhood. I guess I did exactly the same thing when I live in Leytonstone but expect a lot more now I'm a stones throw from Canary Wharf (expect a lot more stones to be thrown too... we've not forgiven the bankers yet... well I haven't). 

So I took these photos from the bank of the Thames, I actually can walk right down onto the shore and be at water lever, well when it's low tide anyway. I need more practice at this kind of photography, I have a few rolls (folders) of photos which are blurred, underexposed, dull, uninspiring or all of the above. I hope that these two are none of those things. You decide.

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Through A Glass Darkly

Do you ever start with a title and then try and find the shot? This is how this shot. Came about. Enjoy.

Shot with my Hipstamatic for iPhone
Lens: Hornbecker
Flash: Off
Film: Ina's 1935


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Monday, July 25

Friday, July 22

Whitstable Days & Nights

I don't often just take a day off work and go visit some distant place (not distant) but when a antipodean friend visited our fair shores I decided to take a days holiday and visit Canterbury Cathedral. None of these photos are of the cathedral by the way, because my plans, made out of sand as they were, changed after I had spent time under the lofty roof of the cathedral and then become thirsty.

Where better to have a drink on the one sunny day we've had all year (not bitter) than then seaside? No where, that's where. So I and my friend went to Whitstable, drank wine, ate cheese (please visit The Cheese Box if you ever go), chatted and took photos. Here are four I hope you like.

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Monday, July 18

Charity Workers: Running On Empty

Last Sunday (10th of July 2011) I went down to Westminster to support my friend, Natasha, as she ran the London 10K and earned some pennies for her chosen charity. It was a gorgeous day, balmy warm and sunny and there was a lot of support for the runners besides me. I sat on a wall on Parliament Street, 300 metres from the finish line and 10 metres from the PA system playing inspiration songs by Black Eyed Peas and Lady GaGa!

I sat, I cheered, I listened, waved and took photos!

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Sunday, July 17

The 'Can I Take Your Photo Game' Flickr Group

At the time of writing this blog entry, The 'Can I Take You Photo Game' Flickr Group has 4 members including me, and that is OK. I want people to join in, but I only want people to come on board if they are really going to commit to the principles of the game. 

The rules, as you must know by now are:

1. You must ask for a portrait

2. You must get permission to take the portrait

3. You have to alternate between genders, so ask a man then a woman then a man and so on

4. No means no, move on and don't be disheartened

5. Post your best shots as a set of two or more

6. Tag your photos with 'cityPGame' or 'The Can I Take Your Photo Game'

If you have happened upon this blog, and you like the idea of street portraiture and want to play, then please do so, and please join the group. There are only a few of us, but from humble beginnings...


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Wednesday, July 13

Photographic Assignments: Discover Magazine


Another Photographic Assignments outing and another rainy day out in London. This time the location was Greenwich Observatory, and the assignment was to take a photo of the new Astronomer Royal for an article and cover for Discover magazine.

Without a real Astronomer Royal we had to depend upon the other members of the group to pose for us, so in this post you will see Pete who runs Photographic Assignments and Monica, my main study and a somewhat challenging one at that.

All shots have been taken without a flash or reflector, and only with the grey light of a dull rain soaked day. Despite these limitations I feel that the results are OK. Perhaps not perfect for Discover Magazine, which tends to go for a very graphic design centred design for both it's covers and articles.

As alway's I would like to know what you think.


The first project can be seen here.

And the Photographic Assignment's site can be found here.

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Monday, July 11

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