Saturday, April 30

5 a Day Challenge: Day 8

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These are yesterdays photos, photos from and for Friday 29th of April. There were a few distractions yesterday, mainly things imbibed and scoffed, and a little matter of the future King of England and current Duke of Cambridgeshire getting hitched.


11 AM was Pimms O'Clock and the camera came out for social photography (Facebook filling) only. So I've struggled to find 5 shots I feel I can grace the galleries of Flickr and my blog with. So I'm going to cheat today, I'm skipping one of my 5 a day (let's say it's the banana that I usually have chopped up with my muesli) and help myself to an extra Will & Kate cupcake instead.



On a sidenote, I met a keen amature photographer yesterday and wanted to share her website.

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5 a Day Challenge: Day 7

Today Prince William and Kate Middleton become the Duke and Duchess of Cambridgeshire after exchanging vows at Westminster Abbey in front of a waiting nation. Yesterday wedding fever had already gripped the capital and there were many people enjoying the weather and the atmosphere of the wedding.

I'm rather cynical about the whole affair, I'm grateful for the day off and but I can not help but look on at the circus London has become with a derisive sneer.

I'm not sure if that cynicism has touched my photography, I will let you decide.


Oh, and there's a photo of a couple of flowers in there too... just because.


And screw it, have a panoramic shot of the lake too...


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Wednesday, April 27

5 a Day Challenge: Day 6, Photos 2 to 4

The issue with this challenge, well, one of the many issues of this challenge is that at some point I will be forced to record the minutia of my life and present it as something other than the humdrum. So instead of photos of say, a classic car, you get photos of my new climbing shoes and my ashy ankle, or instead of a night shot of the HMS Westminster you get three cocktails (all mine by the way) lined up on a messy table (no leading lines, no golden rule)... I'm sorry. I will try harder, raise the standard and lower the alcohol level.

I hope these photos go some way towards making an amends.

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5 a Day Challenge: Day 6, Photo 1


Head... hurts.... need.... more.... sleep

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5 a Day Challenge: Day 5, Photos 3 to 5

The reason for these photos tardiness is hinted at within this set.

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5 a Day Challenge: Day 5, Photo 2


More climbing than shooting so far today... That's all about to change though.


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Tuesday, April 26

5 a Day Challenge: Day 5, Photo 1


I'm up early today to go to Reading for some visiting and maybe some climbing... and some photo taking, natch.

Last night I went on a basic photography course I found through Groupon, it was valued at £90 and I bought my place on the course for £35. It was overvalued at either price point. That said, I did learn some things and had some other things reestablished in my mind, the synapses re-sparked.

The problem with the course was that we were lectured but there wasn't much time to do much beyond listen, I was locked, stocked and ready to focus lock (that sounds better in my head, you will have to trust me)!

What that course really brought home to me was the fact that the WDPS Summer School is amazing value, £60 for eight 2 hour sessions and tutor led practical sessions on top of that, with the added bonus that your course fee includes one years membership to the society too, redonkulous!

I did take a few photos, and I will post them later today. For now please enjoy this.

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5 a Day Challenge: Day 4 Photos 4 & 5

Just took a trip to my closest Jessops to buy a new camera bag, my old one - which I won in a raffle - never makes it past the front door as I usually opt for an wold battered rucksack instead. No more! I have swanky purpose built camera bag that looks rather handsome, even if it isn't attention seeking red but understated black instead.

Both images, below, were shot on my phone using Hipstamatic. I do hope they meet your approval.

Five more tomorrow! Bye.

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Monday, April 25

5 a Day Challenge: Day 4 3/5

Easter Sunday! And on this day Stephen did drink for the fifth day in a row, he could hardly rise from his bed let alone walk on water, yet he managed to raiseth his hand with camera betwixt thumb and forefinger and take three photos... Not great photos... but photos none the less.

And in taken these photos I've captured a snippet of a friends creative endeavour too, this is where the magic happens and trance anthems are created. On the screen and just out of focus is an almost finished dance track that holds a lot of promise.

Two more photos today and five more tomorrow.


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Sunday, April 24

5 a Day Challenge: Day 3

All taken in Abney Park yesterday and all SOTC now that I'm shooting JPEG and I'm without editing software.

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5 a Day Challenge: Day 2

A little late but I here they are, day two of the challenge and 5 more photos. Tomorrow should be a lot easier, my day isn't as full and I've started (whisper it) shooting in JPEG instead of RAW. I have some licensing issues with Photoshop which I won't bore you with, the short version is that I can't afford a license and haven't stole one.

So three of the photos are from the Namco Centre on the south bank of the Thames, the two below are from my trip to Finsbury Park yesterday.

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Friday, April 22

5 a Day Challenge: Day 1 4/5

I didn't think this through... the problem with this challenge is that I either have to go through the my old photos and hope there is something postable amongst them or I need to take five post worthy photos in a day, edit and then post them... and I'm not doing very well so far. 

Last night I was a works party in the Namco Arcade on Southbank. That would have been a great oppurtunity to take some shots, and I did get three decent ones, but it was also a great opputunity to have free alcohol and I filled my boots.

So, instead of last nights photos, please accept some photos I have hanging about my hard drive, posted here without context or explaination.

I will be more organised tomorrow... I have to pay for my own drinks tonight. 

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Thursday, April 21

Five a Day

Today is my last day at work until the third of May! Whoop! This means that I will have so much more time to do the things I want to do, and what I really want to do is take more photos and ultimately post more photos. So I've set myself a challenge: FIVE A DAY! Until the third of May, I will endeavour to post five photos a day (including photos taken on iPhone or prints I scan).


Starting tomorrow!

Until then, enjoy some crunchy Grannys' and succulent Coxes.

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Saturday, April 16


I took these a while and they've been sitting in my Pictures folder for a while now. I don't have much to say about them except that I enjoyed taking them and they're all images from around my neighbourhood in East London.

I hope you enjoy them.

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Monday, April 11

Freeing Photos From Facebook

Recently I've been neglecting both my blog and my Flickr account and choosing the walled garden of Facebook to show my photos instead. This isn't just because Facebook's audience is a collection of family and friends who 'like' my photos and give me that little ego buzz that praise does. Well it's mainly that, but also I've mainly been sharing on Facebook book because my IRL (in real life) social network has been providing some LOLs photo-ops but not many 'growing portfolio' photo-ops.

So here's a collection of snaps and shots between the grab shots of picnics in the park. walks on the beach, breakfasts to cure hangovers and soul shuffles in a livingroom come dancfloor. I hope you enjoy them.

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